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February, the month we celebrate LOVE on Valentine’s day. On this day, people are looking for a sweet, soft, gentle and exciting touch of LOVE in their life. A nice moment of warmth in the middle of our cold winter.

So much has been said about love. It is sweet like chocolate; deadly like poison; it can soar you to the top or crash you down into pieces; it even makes some people crazy. So many things have happened, from beautiful to ugly, all in the name of LOVE.

I now know that it is difficult to come up with a definition of LOVE that will please everyone. We do not even look at colors the exact same way. But I still feel like sharing what I think about the biggest mystery of all time. LOVE.

It is described as a feeling of strong attachment toward a thing or a person. It is even considered as a virtue by some. The sad thing I noticed is that the emphasis is usually put on the object of the love, the external expression of it instead of its source – this pure essence shining inside of us. I realized how much it is described as a thing. Love hurts (like an object or a weapon); love is blind (like it has eyes?); I have lost the love of my life (try the lost and found office.) For me love cannot be lost. It is a feeling, not a thing. It changes over time. It can even become indifferent, but it cannot die or get lost. For many, it seems like love is all about true happiness and deepest suffering. The many feelings in the feeling.

Because of this notion of loss, we limit the love we give; in case we loose it. Actually, we no longer give; we invest. It becomes merchandise that we are ready to exchange against more love. So, we separate from the love we give. We even give it responsibility of its own, expect supernatural results from it. It becomes our remedy – love me so I can love myself. But it does not work. I no longer believe that love is something external. It is part of me. To really feel love, one has to love. It is not about being loved. And if you are attracted to someone just because you love the way they love you, remember that attraction or seduction is not love. And if you need someone to love you because you can’t, you will eventually have trust issue, especially in the moments when loving yourself is difficult.

It took me years to understand the real power of love. It was during the time I was living alone, one day, I painfully realized that the only person who will always be alongside me, is ME. It was a difficult moment. I realized that there is a long road ahead and I better start loving myself, now. So I started to work on myself, got to know who I was, changed what I could, nourished the good and made peace with myself. I was free. I did not need others to love me. I liked being with myself. I even found that I was good company and left on vacation alone. I became open and willing to just give. The more I was giving, the more I was receiving in return. I stopped chasing it. I no longer have an agenda and my life is now filled with love. I no longer need proof that love exists. It is a part of me. it is a force that is part of my live. It is Life. Am I going to look for proof? Of course not.

In order to never run “out of” love, I have decided to be in Love with Love itself. By doing so, I will make sure it will never die.

Valentine’s is a day to remember to say I love you to everybody around you. Personally, I prefer surprises. I prefer to receive it any other day….sorry, I mean EVERY other day.

On this beautiful day of February, I wish you all the Love, Joy and Happiness that you can give to your life.


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